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billie & jean's

a woman-owned backyard farm

kyle, tx


Turning on a flashlight backstage to read books about farming was my normal. I felt my heart tugging me to share the food I was learning to grow with my community, but I didn't know how to leave the career I had worked so hard to build.
Enter COVID...

We Need You

This is hard to say, but we need your help. Markets were closed for two weeks over the holidays and we took that time to plant more than 20 beds of new vegetables and it was shaping up to be a great January for us. Then on New Years Day we sustained a frost and wind storm that our plants couldn't survive. Even our established Kale and Chard was destroyed. So we're starting over on all our winter planting and we need your help to make it through. Please buy our fundraising merch and



We love providing fresh groceries to our local central Texas community, but if you don't live close (or even if you do) and you want to show your support, check out our Patreon! We have four tiers and lots of exciting opportunities to further connect with the farm and your food. We really appreciate you being here.


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